¿Cómo se dice ‘complete the dang fence’?

McCain’s new ad rewrites real immigration record 

In another desperate attempt to save his political career, John McCain has continued his efforts to hide his real record from Spanish-language families in a dishonest new ad.

It’s even more appalling that in the wake of the Washington Post’s exposé on how McCain portrays different stances on immigration reform to Spanish-speaking audiences, he’s now attempting to claim “unwavering support” for the Latino community despite voting against the DREAM Act and walking away from immigration reform earlier this year.   

“The Latino community knows John McCain will say anything because he’s desperate to save his 33-year political career, even speak out of both sides of his mouth on such an important issue like comprehensive immigration reform,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “McCain’s latest attempt to hide his vote on the DREAM Act and his unrelenting support for Donald Trump proves he’s changed and he thinks he doesn’t have to be honest with the Latino community. That’s not ‘straight talk,’ and it’s certainly not the principled leadership Arizona families -- regardless of what language they speak -- deserve.”