‘Guy in clown shoes riding a unicycle’ returns to Arizona


Prior to Trump’s visit, the Arizona Republic Editorial described Donald Trump’s visit as a ‘clown act,’ and for those Arizonans tuning in on Saturday to watch the presumptive GOP nominee, there was no disagreement.


Donald Trump’s visit means only one thing - Arizona’s in play:


“Trump is pedaling into Arizona, one of the reddest states in America, trying to shore it up.”


Before touching down on Arizona, ABC moved Arizona from “solid Republican” to “lead Republican.”

Donald Trump has nothing to brag about - polls show him losing to Secretary Clinton:


“Depending on which national poll you believe, he has suddenly fallen 5 to 12 points behind Hillary Clinton and is losing the major battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”


Real Clear Politics average of polls have Clinton slightly up on Trump in Arizona.

Donald Trump’s campaign message only consists of hateful attacks on hard-working Americans:


“Trump pivoted to smear a federal judge, mistakenly calling Gonzalo Curiel a “Mexican” who could not objectively preside over the Trump University case. One could forgive Trump’s confusion. Curiel was born in the balmy subtropics of East Chicago, Indiana.”


And his attacks extend to the Native Americans, as noted by New York Times.

Trump’s visit is telling, his departure even more, he leaves Arizona Republicans in disarray.

Read the Arizona Republic’s Editorial here.