ADP: Jeff Flake Sells Out Arizona Children to Highest Bidder

Arizona Democratic Party statement on Jeff Flake casting deciding vote to confirm inexperienced GOP mega-donor, Betsy DeVos, as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education:

“Jeff Flake, the most vulnerable Senate Republican of 2018, has opted for a future DeVos’ campaign contribution instead of voting responsibly for our children’s future,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez.

“Jeff Flake’s reckless and selfish vote demonstrates how out-of-touch he is with the realities facing Arizona parents and students, as failed privatized policies have driven our education system to the bottom.

“Our children deserve better than Betsy DeVos, and simply put, they deserve much better than Jeff Flake. If he’s going to ignore the plea of thousands of hardworking Arizonans in opposition to DeVos, he shouldn’t be surprised next year when they kick him out of office.”