Ahead of Trump’s dark immigration speech, Arizona Democrats held press conference on his divisive and dangerous campaign

Yesterday, in advance of what ended up being Trump’s darkest speech yet on immigration, Mayor Greg Stanton and Arizonans held a press conference to denounce his dangerous and divisive campaign. See coverage of the event below.

Simply put, the stakes have never been higher – especially after the speech that Trump delivered yesterday in Phoenix, during which he made clear that he’s not softening his position on immigration one bit; that he still wants to deport every undocumented immigrant, this time using a new “Deportation Task Force”; and still wants to end DACA. His hateful rhetoric cannot be anywhere near the White House.

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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton blasts Donald Trump ahead of Arizona immigration speech



Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and local immigration activists sent a stern message to Donald Trump ahead of his highly-anticipated Arizona speechWednesday: Your "extreme rhetoric" isn't welcome here.


Arizona Democrats wary of Trump’s Phoenix immigration speech



Ramon Chavez worries that if Donald Trump becomes president, his family, including his autistic brother, will be deported to Mexico. Regardless of what Trump may say Wednesday night about his immigration policy, Chavez is not convinced that the Republican presidential candidate will soften his original plan to implement mass deportation policies.


“I am scared,” said the 23-year-old Phoenix College student, an undocumented immigrant and DREAMer who received temporary relief from deportation in 2012 under President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive action.


Phoenix Mayor: Trump's Rhetoric Dehumanizes Latino, Muslim Communities



Opponents of Donald Trump held a press conference Wednesday morning, ahead of the Republican presidential nominee’s visit to the Valley that evening.


Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton described Trump’s temperament and immigration policies as dangerous for the country. Stanton said he’s spoken out against Trump each time he’s visited the Valley.