Almost 400k Arizonans now have health insurance thanks to Affordable Care Act

McCain and the GOP attack a system that has improved access to care for thousands of families

A new report by fivethirtyeight shows the Affordable Care Act has successfully lowered the uninsured rate in Arizona. 390,000 more Arizonans are now insured throughout the state with the uninsured rate falling in every single congressional district.

The news about the reduction in the uninsured rate comes despite the wholesale efforts by John McCain, Governor Ducey and the Republican establishment to obstruct and undermine the law’s accomplishments. That includes trying to repeal protections that keep Arizonans from being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions and preventing insurance companies from charging women more than men for coverage and care. McCain instead wants to add billions to the deficit, deny access to women’s health care including mammograms and cancer screenings, and increase costs for working families.

“John McCain and his Washington cronies are doing everything they can to support insurance companies, keep women from accessing affordable care and prevent working families from being covered, but the numbers are clear: more Arizonans have access to healthcare than ever before,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “It’s obvious that John McCain cares more about scoring political points than working to ensure Arizonans have access to effective, affordable health care. That’s not the leadership our working families need or deserve.”