April Fools! Ducey Pranks Arizonans By Selling Elections

It’s April Fools Day and every one is on high alert. In a day when pranks and lies run wild, Arizonans woke up to the biggest one of them all - Gov. Ducey put up for sale Arizona’s elections and elected officials.

Some pranks just go too far!

Wait...Was this a prank??? Unfortunately no.

Yesterday he signed S.B. 1516, a bill that allows dark money groups to freely spend on ballot measures and candidates without disclosure - ultimately allowing these groups to influence our elections.

Yes, it’s the same Doug Ducey who benefited from $8.2 million dark-money spending groups during his 2014 campaign. [Arizona Republic, Pitzl, 3/31/16]

Today, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

“Arizonans deserve to know who is buying our politicians, including our Governor,” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy. “By signing SB 1516, he has placed a price tag on our elections. While Arizonans are still outraged over the PPE E-Day Fiasco, he’s turned a blind eye to their concerns, and has ultimately said unless you’re a billionaire, your concerns are null and void.”