Arizona Democratic Party invites McCain to play Presidential Debate Bingo

Ahead of the first Presidential debate, we made John McCain a Bingo card he can use to play along


McCain Bingo.png


With all the presidential debate watch parties, we made John McCain a Bingo card he can use to endorse any ridiculous policy proposals Donald Trump may introduce tonight.

For use in the following circumstances:

  • Donald Trump makes a racist comment.

  • Donald Trump denigrates immigrants.

  • Donald Trump attacks the heritage of an American-born federal judge.

  • Donald Trump impugns women as weak, unstable or inferior to men.

  • Donald Trump opposes a raise in the minimum wage.

We hope McCain plays along at home every time Trump insults him or one of his constituents.

In the event McCain doesn’t play along. The Arizona Democratic Party has prepared a bingo card for him:


McCain Bingo_2.gif