Arizona Needs Equal Pay

Today’s Equal Pay Day marks another year women are being paid less than men for the same job. Wage disparity is not just a women’s issue, it’s an issue important to all of Arizona’s working families.

In Arizona, what a women makes for every dollar a man makes is 84 cents. If you break it further down, for African American women its 67 cents, Asian American women 81 cents, Latinas 54 cents, and for Native American women it’s 59 cents.

Unfortunately none of these figures are any closer to equal pay.

“Arizona’s Republican-led government is tone deaf to the realities of hardworking women and their families,” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy. “They choose to ignore and act on the wage disparity, while they continue to cut funding for essential programs that help everyday Arizonans. It’s time they recognize women as key contributors to our economy, our families, and our communities, and join Arizona Democrats in making equal pay a reality.”