Arizona veteran calls on McCain to return Trump surrogate’s donations

McCain took $10,000 donation from Trump surrogate Paladino, who said Khizr Khan ‘doesn’t deserve’ to be called a Gold Star parent  

In the wake of Donald Trump’s attacks on Gold Star father Khizr Khan, an Arizona veteran is calling on John McCain to return campaign funds from New York Trump campaign co-chair Carl Paladino who declared that Khizr Khan “doesn’t deserve” to be called a Gold Star parent. Former Marine and combat veteran John Barwell has called on John McCain to return $10,000 in political contributions Paladino has previously given to McCain.

“As someone who served 15 years in the Marines and served on the battlefield, I find it deeply unsettling that John McCain has not only refused to answer Khizr Khan’s call to unendorse Donald Trump -- but it’s appalling that McCain is funding his campaign with money from Trump surrogates who accuse a Gold Star family of being un-American,” said Barwell. “John McCain should immediately return Carl Paladino’s money and answer Khan’s call to unendorse Trump. Keeping these funds would be further proof McCain cares more about saving his political career than standing up for what’s right.”

McCain has ignored Khan’s personal plea for the Arizona senator to unendorse Trump for days, and has pledged to support Trump nearly 60 times.  


2008: McCain Victory 2008 Received A $10,000 Contribution From Carl Paladino, $2,300 Of Which Was Transferred To The McCain-Palin Compliance Fund. [, 8/1/08; 8/1/08]

  • McCain Funded His 2016 Re-Election Campaign With More Than $1 Million In Leftover Campaign Donations From 2008. [Friends of John McCain, Inc., FEC Report, 2/25/13; 3/5/13; 3/18/13; 7/16/13; 9/6/13]