AZ Dem Party Statement on McCain Dumping Trump

Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Alexis Tameron:

“If Donald Trump has done any good for the people of Arizona, it was only to show them just how much John McCain has changed. 
"Last night, Sen. McCain released a statement that stopped short of pulling his endorsement of Donald Trump. Fast forward 12 hours, and only after numerous other Republicans, including the Sen. Flake, totally disavowed Trump or called for him to withdraw completely, did the senior senator from Arizona make a statement withdrawing his endorsement in an attempt scurry off the GOP's sinking ship.
"Sen. McCain missed his moment to demonstrate strength of political character long ago.  I am proud to have Ann Kirkpatrick fighting to bring new, principled leadership to the United States Senate, because she has demonstrated time and time again the political will and courage to always do the right thing on behalf of her constituents without prompting from others."