AZ Democrats lead in field efforts while national & state GOP remain divided

In case you missed it, POLITICO reports that the Republican National Committee is nowhere near in fulfilling its promises of field staff in key battleground states.

Featured predominately is Arizona Republican Chairman Robert Graham. He highlights the division and malaise in GOP ranks;

“In traditionally Republican states that could become competitive this election season, concern is mounting. Arizona’s state party chairman, Robert Graham, has only one RNC-paid staffer on hand — and had to fight with the national party to keep that person employed.

“That’s what we have,” Graham said in an interview.”

It appears Reince Priebus and the GOP have not learned their lessons from 2012.

Traditionally Arizona has not been considered a battleground state, but this election has given AZ Democrats an opportunity with Donald Trump on the ballot and dismal poll numbers for John McCain.

The Arizona Democratic Party has more than 60 field staffers on the ground and is on pace to hire 200 by August.

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