AZ GOP Turning Volunteers Into Borderline Harassers

This legislative session, Republicans created a law to combat non-existent voter fraud (HB 2023).

With no clear direction on how to enforce the law coming from the Governor’s office, Secretary of State’s office, or the GOP-led Legislature, no one, not even election officials know what to do with this futile law.

But in a recent interview with Capitol Media Services Howard Fischer, Arizona GOP Chairman, Robert Graham is taking law and order into his own hands. He’s training volunteers using the traditional GOP intimidation playbook, asking them to employ borderline harassing tactics on voters.

“...Graham said they're still free to follow voters out into the parking lot, ask them questions, take their pictures and photograph their vehicles and license plate. That information, he said, might give police and prosecutors the information they need to bring charges.” [Source: Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services, 8/25]

Statement from the Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy:

“By the use of these frightful tactics, Arizona Republicans are living to their reputation and continuing their history of voter intimidation.

“Having Republican poll watchers conducting their own investigations by confronting voters outside polling location parking lots, taking unsolicited photos, and asking them unwarranted questions goes beyond any sensible law. This is just another reason why we need federal oversight in Arizona.

“The Arizona Democratic Party will always stand against voter suppression laws and shameful voter intimidation tactics.”