AZ Republican Lawmakers See No Evil, Hear No Evil

No, it’s not a remake of the 1989 Pryor and Wilder movie, unfortunately this remake is quite more depressing than comical. This folks is the Arizona’s Republican lawmakers reaction to the PPE E-Day fiasco.  

While Arizonans demand accountability and changes to the way our elections are run, those in charge of our government refuse to listen to them.

Long lines and voting irregularities were not an anomaly. This is Arizona’s new norm.

Their partisan efforts to undercut the electoral process has worked, and they will not change the voter suppression laws they’ve happily enacted.

Yesterday, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors aided Republican lawmakers, in a 4-1 vote, by certifying an election that excluded the vote of 20,000 Arizonans, if this is not disenfranchisement - then what is?

“If Republican lawmakers are not accountable to Arizonans, then who do they answer to?” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy. “The effort of Arizonans to attend the hearings, press conferences, and public demonstrations to demand accountability has fallen on deaf ears. They’ve fallen victims to this continued arrogance of the Republican-led legislature mantra - we will never let up!”