AZ Republicans Open Back-Door For More Dark Money

Apparently, Arizona Republican lawmakers are putting the state’s political process on sale, but don’t want Arizonans to really know about it. [Read: Arizona bill quietly loosens dark money rules]


Buried in 54-pages, Republican Senator Adam Driggs’ (Phoenix-LD28) SB 1516 looks to allow dark money groups to double the amount they spend on ballot measures and candidates- ultimately allowing outside groups to influence our elections.


Since the Citizens United decision, groups can spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns and keep the identities of the contributors in the dark.


The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the group backed by the billionaire Koch brothers, support this legislation.


“Arizona Republican lawmakers should just place a sign outside the capitol reading State Elections For Sale,” said Arizona Democratic Party’s Executive Director, Sheila Healy. “Elections should be decided by ‘We the people’ and not by loosely spending outside groups looking to buy our political process. Arizonans should be outraged.”