Congresswoman McSally to Embrace Washington GOP Establishment for State of the Union

Arizonans shouldn’t believe McSally’s words about the president, she still won’t say if she voted for him

McSally voted to yank healthcare from about 850,000 Arizonans, raise premiums by $2,000

PHOENIX – Expect Congresswoman Martha McSally to join Washington establishment by providing full-throated praise for tonight’s State of the Union address. But Arizonans shouldn’t believe a word McSally says tonight about the president because she has repeatedly criticized the president – even refusing to say if she voted for him in 2016.

Further, Congresswoman McSally is not only in lockstep with Mitch McConnell, she is also responsible for harming economic opportunity for hardworking Arizonans, including votes to raise insurance premiums by $2,000 and yank health insurance away from about 850,000 Arizonans. Congresswoman McSally has also put the lives of DREAMers at risk and allowed the Arizona’s infrastructure system to crumble across the state. 

Congresswoman McSally may act like everything is A-Okay tonight in Washington, but it’s because she’s with Mitch McConnell and the Washington establishment – not the president. Congresswoman McSally knows if there’s any hint of criticism of the president, it would put her at a disadvantage during the civil war primary against Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio back home.

Here’s how Congresswoman McSally is responsible for harming hardworking Arizonans and the State of Arizona. 

ECONOMY FACT: McSally Voted to Yank Healthcare Away from About 850,000 Arizonans, Raise Premiums by $2,000

McSally Voted For The American Health Care Act (AHCA). In May 2017, McSally voted for: “Passage of the bill that would make extensive changes to the 2010 health care overhaul law, by effectively repealing the individual and employer mandates as well as most of the taxes that finance the current system. It would, in 2020, convert Medicaid into a capped entitlement that would provide fixed federal payments to states and end additional federal funding for the 2010 law's joint federal-state Medicaid expansion.” The bill passed, 217-213. [CQ, 5/4/17; H.R. 1628, Vote 256, 5/4/17]

566,500 Arizonans Could Lose Health Insurance Under AHCA. According to the Center for American Progress, 566,500 Arizonans could lose health insurance under AHCA. [Center For American Progress, 3/17/17]

More than 400,000 Arizonans Enrolled in AHCCCS. “Medicaid expansion in Arizona brought another 400,000-plus people onto the rolls when it was signed in 2013. That would go away under this plan because of state requirements calling for the reduction or elimination of Medicaid eligibility and/or benefits if the feds reduce their contribution. … That said, the vote could foist tremendous financial burdens onto states. … The GOP plan would allow states to waive certain protections, including essential health benefits that now must be covered.” [Editorial, Green Valley News,5/07/17]

CAP: In 2018, Arizonans’ Premiums Would Have Increased On Average By $1,466. [Center For American Progress, 6/15/17]

McSally Voted For HR 1, Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, Known As The GOP Tax Bill. “This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code to reduce tax rates and modify policies, credits, and deductions for individuals and businesses.” The bill passed 227-205. [HR 1, Vote #637, 11/16/17;, 11/2/17]

GOP Tax Plan Could Cause 282,000 Arizonans To Lose Health Insurance. According to the Center for American Progress, the Senate GOP tax plan could cause 282,000 Arizonans to lose health insurance. [Center for American Progress, 11/16/17]

GOP Tax Plan Could Raise Health Care Premiums By $2,000 For Arizonans. According to the Center for American Progress, the Senate GOP tax plan could cause health care premiums to increase by $2,060 for Arizonans. [Center for American Progress, 11/16/17]

IMMIGRATION FACT: McSally Voted Against 53,000 Arizonans, For a Government Shutdown

Arizona Has 53,247 DREAMers. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Arizona has 53,247 DREAMers as of Q3 of 2017. [USCIS, Accessed 1/29/18]

McSally Voted Against Arizona DREAMers and for a Federal Government Shutdown. [Arizona Republic, 1.20.18]

McSally: “We Have To Drag the Senate to the Right” on Immigration. “We have to drag the Senate to the right. The President is willing to negotiate, but he is holding fast to the key objectives of the American people: end chain migration, end the visa lottery & secure the border (the wall and everything else we need). Speaking w/@FoxBusiness” [Congresswoman McSally Twitter, 1.25.18]

Arizona Will Lose More Than $1 Billion In GDP Per Year If DACA Is Not Renewed. “But such measures also boost the fortunes of those around them. Immigrants’ gains in wages and productivity greatly benefit the broader economy, according to work from the left-leaning Center for American Progress. Its research, led by a professor at the University of California-San Diego, estimates ending DACA would cost the country $433 billion in growth over 10 years, including an annual $11 billion hit to California alone. Other states with large Dreamer populations—including Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and Washington—stand to lose more than $1 billion in GDP per year.” [Fortune, 1/25/17]

INFRASTRUCTURE FACT: McSally Voted Against Improving Arizona’s Infrastructure

Arizona’s total infrastructure scored a “C” grade, roads at a “D+”. [American Society of Civil Engineers]

McSally Voted For Blocking Consideration Of A Long Term Transportation Bill. In July 2015, McSally voted to block consideration of a vote to “re-authorize a long-term Transportation Bill that provides 6 years of funding so states and localities can address critical infrastructure needs.” The previous question carried, 239-167. A vote against the previous question was to force the vote on a long term transportation bill. [H Res 369, Vote #450, 7/22/15; Democratic Leader – Previous Questions, 7/22/15]

McSally Voted For Blocking Consideration Of Long-Term Transportation Bill That Would Fund Domestic Infrastructure By Prohibiting Corporations From Moving Overseas To Avoid Taxes. In July 2015, McSally voted for to block consideration of a vote to “re-authorize a long-term Transportation Bill that provides 6 years of funding so states and localities can address critical infrastructure needs.  The bill would also stop corporations that seek to move abroad to avoid paying their taxes and use that money for transportation improvements here in America.” The previous question carried, 240-167. A vote against the previous question was to force the vote on long-term transportation funding. [H Res 380, Vote #470, 7/28/15; Democratic Leader – Previous Questions, 2/03/15]