Congresswoman McSally Won’t Say if She Voted for Trump

Los Angeles TimesMcSally still won't say whether she voted for Trump, "Not your business."

PHOENIX – Congresswoman McSally, who bear-hugged President Trump in her senate campaign announcement, refused to say if she voted for him in the 2016 election. The startling revelation comes on the day of Trump’s first State of the Union Address and exposes Congresswoman McSally’s inauthenticity toward hardworking Arizonans.

Los Angeles Times: “McSally still won't say whether she voted for Trump. ‘Not your business,’ she snapped in an interview after belting out ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ onstage at a Republican banquet Friday in Phoenix.”

Congresswoman McSally faces an intraparty civil war primary that’s expected to be expensive and drag out into early fall. In fact, Congresswoman McSally’s sudden pivot toward the president for her senate campaign has drawn ire from her opponents Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio, with Ward even going as far as to call McSally “Jeff Flake 2.0.”    

“Congresswoman McSally is racing for the endorsement and support of the same president she criticized in 2016, but she is so out of touch to think it’s not Arizonans' business to know if she voted for him. Congresswoman McSally, it is Arizonans’ business,” said Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor. “Arizonans knew the AZGOP civil war would force McSally to be out of touch with them – but who knew they’d see the congresswoman be a double-speaking politician - exactly what Arizonans hate about Washington.” 

Even before she announced her senate campaign, Congresswoman Martha McSally has tried to brand herself as “anti-establishment” and not someone who’s aligned with Mitch McConnell. But the Arizona Democratic Party has the receipts. Since last October, McSally has either been touted by Mitch McConnell as a “top recruit,” guaranteed full support by McConnell’s campaign super PAC, or spotted on the Senate side of Capitol Hill.

Congresswoman McSally has become the kind of politicians Arizonans loathe – someone who says one thing but does another.