Despite Moore Loss, McSally Put Politics Ahead of Arizonans


ICYMI - Arizona Republic: Why is Rep. Martha McSally being so McSilent on Roy Moore?

PHOENIX – Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor for the Arizona Democratic Party, released the following statement after Roy Moore, the U.S. Senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct and child molestation, lost the special election for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat. Despite Moore’s loss, Martha McSally’s repeated silence on him highlight’s her willingness to put politics ahead of Arizonans.

“Let the record show that Congresswoman Martha McSally remained silent as reports revealed Roy Moore’s long history of openly targeting and preying on underage girls. Instead, McSally chose to attack politicians from an opposing party who also faced other sexual misconduct allegations. But even with Moore’s loss, Martha McSally’s hypocritical stance should be a red flag to voters as it proves that she would rather regurgitate the partisan talking points that have folks fed up with Washington than actually represent Arizonans.”


SHOT - Why is Rep. Martha McSally being so McSilent on Roy Moore?

"Republican Rep. Martha McSally wants to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake." [...] "If that’s actually what McSally wants – and even if it’s not – why hasn’t the congresswoman had anything to say about Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore?

A reporter from southern Arizona’s Tucson Weekly has been trying to get a comment from McSally on Moore, without luck. But why should anyone have to ask? Why is McSally being so McSilent? Why hasn't she already spoken out? Loudly.” [Arizona Republic, 11.15.17]

CHASER - Rep. Martha McSally: “Congressman John Conyers, Jr.'s actions are deplorable and the dirty old man needs to resign.” [Congresswoman McSally’s Facebook, 12.1.17]


Arizona Republic“McSally hasn’t even formally announced her candidacy and already the knives are out.”

Cronkite News: “McSally’s entry into Senate race could set up ‘war’ in GOP primary”

Roll Call: “The GOP primary could be divisive depending on who jumps in the race. GOP Rep. Martha McSally, who represents swing district in Tucson, has reportedly expressed interest in the race. But a coalition of conservative groups including the Club for Growth PAC, Senate Conservatives Fund, and FreedomWorks said McSally is a liberal lawmaker.”

The Hill: “…the Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with McConnell and Senate leadership, has already drawn a line in the sand by issuing a statement that Ward will not win the nomination.”

"When Washington comes in and tries to pick somebody, the lines are clearly going to be drawn. And in some ways, the establishment has learned that in certain circumstances, people react the opposite way. If they come in and attack Dr. Ward like they have in the pastI think those attacks are going to backfire," he said.