FACT CHECK: McCain’s false Affordable Care Act attacks

PHOENIX — John McCain continues his misleading attacks on the Affordable Care Act in a desperate attempt to repeal the law and revoke health insurance from more than 20 million Americans. McCain’s desperate reelection campaign continues to push the radical belief that health insurance companies should be able to charge women more than men, restrict access to contraception and cancer screening for women and reinstate the ability for insurance companies to deny or revoke coverage based on pre-existing conditions.


In reality, the Department of Health and Human Services indicates the vast majority of Arizonans receiving insurance through the marketplace will pay less than $50 per month.



According to the Cronkite News report, HHS estimated that “about 78 percent of Arizonans in the healthcare marketplace could end up paying less than $100 a month for insurance – with 70 percent paying less than $50, according to HHS.”


That’s more than a 400% drop from the average premium in Arizona in 2013.


HHS also estimated that a further 33,000 Arizonans currently on the marketplace will now qualify for subsidies to lower their insurance costs.


McCain’s attempt to ignore the facts for political convenience  proves his election and political party come first, not the health and well-being of Arizona’s families. Instead of fixing parts of the law that aren’t working, McCain’s own plan would add $187 billion to the deficit, endanger health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans, and increase prescription drug costs for seniors, while Arizonans with pre-existing conditions could be forced to pay deductibles in the tens of thousands of dollars. McCain’s plan could even force women to pay more for their health care simply on account of being women.


“The sad fact is, as this report shows, John McCain no longer cares about giving voters any ‘straight talk.’ Instead, he’d rather use misleading attacks to scare them into saving his political career and distract them from the fact that he paved the way for Donald Trump with his over 60 endorsements of Trump, his selection of Sarah Palin, and his embrace of political expedience over working for Arizona,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “While Ann Kirkpatrick has always fought to improve Arizonans’ health care, McCain wants to go back to the days when women were forced to pay more for healthcare and patients were turned away because of pre-existing conditions. After 33 years in Washington, he’s changed. It’s time for new, principled leadership from Ann Kirkpatrick.”