Flake Questions What He’s Accomplished As A Senator

In an interview with A1, Senator Flake asked, “What am I actually accomplishing here?” The answer: very little – and what he has done is massively unpopular with Arizonans. That’s why a recent poll shows him “in danger of losing both the primary and the general election,” having “lost support from Trump supporters by challenging the president, but… not getting credit from independents for standing up to the White House.”

See for yourself why Flake’s unpopularity is soaring:

Flake Voted to Repeal Health Care 25 Times.

  • Flake Voted For All GOP Plans To Repeal ACA, Bringing His Total Votes To Repeal ACA To 25. [New York Times, 7/28/17]

Flake Wrote and Passed Legislation Allowing Big Telecommunications Companies to Sell Your Private Data for a Profit – After Accepting Over$75,000 in Campaign Contributions from the Telecommunications Industry.

  • Flake Authored Legislation Repealing FCC Privacy Protections. [Phoenix New Times, Jeff Flake, 4/11/17]

  • The Protections Prevented ISPs From Selling Browsing History And Other Sensitive Data Without Permission. [Phoenix New Times, 3/28/17]

  • Flake Received $59,000 From Telecom Industry in 2016. [Associated Press, 4/18/17]

Flake Voted Against Emergency Aid Funding for Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey – After Saying He’d Support It.

  • Flake Said He Supported Federal Assistance To Harvey Victims. [CNN, State of the Union, 9/3/17] (VIDEO)  

  • Flake Voted Against Measure To Advance Bill That Provided Hurricane Harvey Relief, Raised Debt Ceiling, And Funded Government Through Mid-December 2017. [The Daily Caller, 9/7/17]

  • Flake Was One Of 11 Members Of Congress To Oppose Emergency Hurricane Relief Measure In Wake Of Katrina. [Arizona Republic, 9/9/05]

  • Flake Voted Against Emergency Aid After Hurricane Sandy. [Vote 4, 1/28/13]

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