GOP Senators unanimously vote against Arizona’s working families

Arizona’s Republican state senators showed their disdain for Arizona’s hard-working families last week by voting against proposals to raise the state’s minimum wage to $10/hour next year and to require companies to allow workers to earn paid sick leave.

The votes came April 28 on a series of amendments to HCR2014, a measure designed by the Arizona Restaurant Association to gut the state’s existing minimum wage law by lowering wages for thousands of restaurant workers.

Senate Democrats attempted to amend the bill to raise the state’s minimum wage to $10/hour in 2017 with a gradual increase to $12/hour by 2020, but the GOP majority voted the effort down on a straight party-line vote. Similarly, the Republicans defeated an amendment that would require companies to allow full-time workers to earn up to five days of paid sick leave per year.

“Arizonans that work hard and play by the rules should be paid a wage that can sustain their family,” said Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs. “It’s sad that Republicans are so out of touch with their communities that they think a family could survive on $17,000 a year.”

Following is a list of Republican State Senators who voted against increasing the minimum wage to $10/hour in 2017 and against requiring companies to allow workers to earn paid sick leave:

Sen. Sylvia Allen (R-Snowflake)

Sen. Nancy Barto (R-Phoenix)

Sen. Carlyle Begay (R-Ganado)

Sen. Andy Biggs (R-Gilbert)

Sen. Judy Burgess (R-Sun City West)

Sen. Jeff Dial (R-Chandler)

Sen. Susan Donahue (R-Lake Havasu City)

Sen. Adan Driggs (R-Phoenix)

Sen. David C. Farnsworth (R-Mesa)

Sen. Gail Griffin (R-Hereford)

Sen. John Kavanaugh (R-Fountain Hills)

Sen. Debbie Lesko (R-Peoria)

Sen. Steve Pierce (R-Prescott)

Sen. Don Shooter (R-Yuma)

Sen. Steve Smith (R-Maricopa)

Sen. Bob Worsley (R-Mesa)

Sen. Steve Yarbrough (R-Chandler)

Sen. Kimberly Yee (R-Phoenix)