GROUNDHOG DAY? McSally, AZGOP to Shove Through Unpopular Tax Hike on Arizonans AGAIN

Monmouth Poll shows 47% of Americans disapprove of Martha McSally’s tax bill

PHOENIX – Groundhog Day comes early for Congresswoman Martha McSally and the Arizona Republican Party as today they are once again expected to put party loyalty ahead of Arizonans and vote for the GOP establishment’s tax scam for a second day in a row.

Today's vote follows parliamentary errors on yesterday’s U.S. House tax plan that would raise taxes on hardworking Arizona families while exploding the national deficit by more than two trillion dollars.

“Same tax scam vote, but different day for Congresswoman McSally as she will once again buckle to party leaders in Washington and support a plan that would rip away health insurance and raise taxes on hardworking Arizonans,” said Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor. “Expect Martha McSally to rubber stamp the same deficit-busting discord that has Arizonans fed up with Washington. McSally’s tax plan is an utter disaster for the state, and Arizonans won’t forget this in 2018.”

Congresswoman McSally’s GOP tax plan would not only raise taxes on more than one million Arizonans, but it would also yank away health insurance from more than 13 million Americans, including many Arizonans. This tax scam is so bad that about half of Americans oppose the bill.

McSally’s GOP tax plan would make it harder for families to make ends meet and further highlight the partisan discord that has Arizonans fed up with Washington. The Arizona Democratic Party will highlight Martha McSally’s priority to put her party loyalty ahead of Arizonans from now until the midterm elections in November 2018.


Monmouth Poll: About 26% approve, 47% disapprove of final GOP tax plan. [Monmouth, 12.18.17]

Final Tax Bill Could End Up Costing $2.2 Trillion. [Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, 12.18.17]

More than one million Arizonans would see a tax increase under GOP tax plan. [Center for American Progress]

CBO estimates that more than 13 million Americans would lose their health insurance if individual mandate is repealed. “AARP said it also opposes the bill's repeal of Obamacare's individual mandate…CBO has estimated repeal would lead to 13 million more Americans lacking health insurance by 2027, and that individual health plan premiums would be 10 percent higher each year than they otherwise would have been.” [Congressional Budget Office, 11.30.17] 


Bureau of Economic Analysis: In 2016, Arizona had a per capita personal income (PCPI) of $40,415. This PCPI ranked 42nd in the United States. “In 2016, Arizona had a per capita personal income (PCPI) of $40,415. This PCPI ranked 42nd in the United States and was 82 percent of the national average, $49,246. The 2016 PCPI reflected an increase of 2.0 percent from 2015. The 2015-2016 national change was 1.6 percent. In 2006, the PCPI of Arizona was $34,705 and ranked 28th in the United States. The 2006-2016 compound annual growth rate of PCPI was 1.5 percent. The compound annual growth rate for the nation was 2.6 percent.”

CNBCRanked at 31, “Quality of Life” for Arizonans is at the bottom half of the nation.