ICYMI: Hannity says McCain should ‘retire’

PHOENIX – Yesterday, national conservative TV and radio host Sean Hannity declared to his listeners, “it’s getting near time that John McCain retire.” Hannity also says he’s “disappointed” in McCain, and “He’s part of the weakness in the Republican Party.”


As McCain faces a “drawn-out primary battle,” this is just the latest sign of his deep unpopularity with the Republican base. Hannity’s comments come as a dark-money Super PAC has started running TV ads more than eights months before Election Day in attempt to salvage McCain’s approval ratings.


“John McCain has lost the base of the Republican Party,” said Barbara Lubin, Arizona Democratic Party spokeswoman. “After more than 33 years in office, he’s facing the toughest election of his career and he’s in real danger of losing his primary.”



[3:27] Hannity: You know I'm so disappointed in John McCain and his attacks -- you know, he's been a big part of the establishment attacking people like Ted Cruz that I think it’s getting near time that John McCain retire. And I have enormous respect for his military service but he's part of the problem at this point. He's part of the weakness in the Republican Party.