ICYMI: John McCain Vows To Support Any GOP Nominee -- Even If It's Trump

Super Tuesday has come and gone, and one thing is certain: Donald Trump will likely be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.


On March 22, Arizonans will have their say in the process, but one GOP leader has already made peace with their likely choice.


John McCain has vowed he would support the Republican nominee, no matter who it is -- even Donald Trump.


Trump may have insulted women, Latinos, and POWs, but McCain says he’s “a loyal Republican” and would put party first before defending Arizonans from Trump’s hate-mongering candidacy.


What happened to John McCain? (Ann Kirkpatrick knows)


“Three decades in Washington can change a person,” said Arizona Democratic Party’s Executive Director, Sheila Healy. “John McCain is no longer the ‘maverick’ we know, and Arizonans deserve better -- they deserve someone who will stand up for them like Ann Kirkpatrick.”