John McCain’s Running With Trump

It’s official: John McCain now supports Donald Trump for president. After months of pledging to support the GOP nominee no matter who, even if it's Trump, McCain now gets to support the new face of the Republican Party.

Thirty-three years in Washington have changed John McCain from a "straight talker" and maverick to a politician focused on his own political survival. A truth reinforced by the actions of his former top aide, Mark Salter, whose disgust with Donald Trump led him to declare his support for Hillary Clinton.

Despite Salter's recognition of the dangerous policies of Donald Trump, McCain has vowed he’ll support the GOP nominee -- even if it’s Trump.

“John McCain has made it clear he will continue to support Donald Trump even though Trump has attacked women, Latinos, Muslims, and POW’s,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Enrique Gutierrez. “That's not the kind of straight talk John McCain used to offer, and it's proof that he has changed after 33 years in Washington. Now, McCain must answer for the divisive, hate-mongering candidate at top of the GOP ticket."