Kirkpatrick wins Obamacare fix for nearly 10,000 Arizonans

Meanwhile, McCain escalates smear campaign in his “say anything” effort to save his political career, ignores Arizonans

Following tireless efforts to address a challenge with the Affordable Care Act in Pinal County, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick helped secure coverage for thousands of Arizonans. What did John McCain do? Nothing.

In fact, instead of taking action, McCain took to the microphones in his escalating smear campaign. Unlike McCain, Kirkpatrick did what Arizonans expect of their elected leaders, she delivered.

The Associated Press reported that, after Kirkpatrick’s urging, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona reversed their previous decision and will offer plans on the market exchange for Pinal County.  

What was John McCain doing while Ann Kirkpatrick was rolling up her sleeves and fighting for the people of Arizona? Flooding the airwaves with political attack ads trying to exploit the issue to prop up his flailing campaign.

“It’s shameful that John McCain would rather try to exploit a problem affecting thousands of Arizona families to prop up his flailing political career than actually leading and working to find solutions,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “After 33 years in Washington, McCain has clearly changed, and that’s why he’ll be replaced by a new, principled leader in Ann Kirkpatrick come November.”