Latest Registration Numbers Emphasize AZ Dem Momentum

Today, Secretary of State Michele Reagan released the latest voter registration numbers, and it shows promise for Arizona Democrats. Since the beginning of the year, more Arizonans have flocked to the Democratic Party.

January 2016 Report - Democrats 917,411 - Republicans 1,105,521

August 2016 Report - Democrats 1,019,050 (+101,639) - Republicans 1,185,023 (+79,502)

With over 130 staffers out in the field, Arizona Democrats have outworked Republicans by registering 22,137 more voters.

Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron:

“This election cycle, the Arizona Democratic Party has been focused on building a long sustaining infrastructure not only for this election but for the future. As we look for long-term success, we’re thrilled about the short-term accomplishments. Today’s numbers release is a testament to the hard work of our staffers and volunteers.

“The fact of the matter is even as we build the party for future successes, and voter registration numbers continue to grow, we remain highly competitive in many of Arizona’s races. This year, we have an opportunity to help elect Ann Kirkpatrick to the U.S. Senate, and help Hillary Clinton garner Arizona’s 11 electoral votes, something many would’ve considered unthinkable months ago.

“While our work is not yet complete, we will continue to ride this momentum to November.”