Maricopa County Continues History of “Misinforming” Hispanic Voters

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the voters of Maricopa County, it does.

One week after being sued by the Arizona Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and Kirkpatrick for Senate, the Maricopa County Recorder sent out early ballots misinforming Spanish-speaking voters on Proposition 124.

The Proposition 124, which deals with pension reform, shares the same language for Proposition 123 which is for education funding.

Intentional or unintentional, this “error” is not the first for Maricopa County.

Back in 2012, Hispanic voters in Maricopa were given the wrong date for that year’s election.

“Maricopa County long history of misinforming Hispanic voters is just a continuation of  suppressing the vote of minority communities,” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy. “It’s clear that the Recorder’s Office, which is currently under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, needs federal oversight to effectively run our elections. This is why the Arizona Democratic Party is taking all the necessary steps to stop issues like this and the PPE fiasco from occurring. Our job will always be to protect Arizona’s voters and the integrity of the election process.”