Martha McSally’s Silence on Roy Moore Covered Across Arizona


PHOENIX – Last week, Congresswoman Martha McSally made the shocking declaration that it’s “not her job” to address sexual misconduct allegations by other politicians. Her words were a repeated refusal to condemn Roy Moore – a move that would enrage the president and harm her attempts to stave off a civil war within the Arizona Republican Party.

But McSally’s attempts fell flat, and her choice to put politics ahead of Arizonans was covered across the state.

KJZZMcSally Won't Comment On Sexual Harassment Allegations Against GOP Members

“Congresswoman Martha McSally says she’s not commenting on allegation of sexual harassment against politicians like Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.”

Associated PressArizona Democrats have been using recent sexual misconduct allegations involving Republican lawmakers to attack Rep. Martha McSally…” […]

The Arizona Democratic Party said Friday she should also condemn Roy Moore, her party's candidate in a special election for a U.S. Senate in Alabama. He has been accused by several women of making advances on them when they were teens.”

Arizona Republic“’If McSally fails to condemn Roy Moore and return Congressman Franks’ money, it will be yet another example of how McSally has put politics — not Arizonans — first.’”

Arizona Daily Star: “’Trent Franks’ reputation for misconduct has been well known for years in McSally’s workplace, yet she chose him as her mentor, and has not spoken one word against him, President Trump or Roy Moore…’”

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Arizona Republic“Meanwhile, the condemnations from Rep. Martha McSally and Kelli Ward – two Republican women who crave Flake’s seat – are …Non-existent.”