Martha McSally Appears to Break Campaign Finance Laws, Stumbles Again in AZSen Race

Arizona Daily Star: Pima County Democrats file elections complaint against Rep. Martha McSally

PHOENIX – For more than a month, Mitch McConnell’s Martha McSally has wanted everyone in Washington to know about her U.S. Senate campaign – but not Arizonans. Turns out, while McSally was paying her Washington pollsters and regurgitating establishment talking points on national cable networks, she may have violated campaign finance laws. All in the pursuit of trying to appeal to a GOP base that has opposed her since the beginning.

And according to the Tucson Sentinel, McSallys reported violation adds to her lengthy list of alleged violations of campaign finance laws – dating all the way back to 2012.

“This is yet another example of Congresswoman McSally thinking the rules just don’t apply to her, but even her poorly-kept secret campaign has to comply with campaign finance law,” said Herschel Fink, executive director. “Hatching your plans in Washington and hiding them from voters doesn’t give you a pass to break the law.”

Furthermore, this report exposes that her secret Senate campaign, which has been panned locally, indeed is not “ready for prime time.”  Key points by the Arizona Daily Star are below.

Pima County Democrats file elections complaint against Rep. Martha McSally
Arizona Daily Star // Joe Ferguson

"The head of the Pima County Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Martha McSally, arguing her campaign staff failed to file disclosure documents related to a recent poll.

The complaint centers on an internal poll that showed McSally was tied with Kelli Ward among Republican voters in a hypothetical race to replace Senator Jeff Flake next year. A Nov. 27 article in Politico discusses the details.

The complaint argues that the cost of the poll would trigger a mandatory disclosure for any expense that above $5,000 — something that the McSally campaign has failed to do." [...]

"But Democrats note that poll was put out weeks after Rep. David Schweikert told reporters that McSally had told him and other colleagues that she was going to run for the Senate seat.

“It is inconceivable that Representative McSally did not either raise or spend $5,000 in support of her candidacy for Senate by November 15th at the latest, triggering the requirement to file her Statement of Candidacy within fifteen days, or by November 30, 2017. Representative McSally has not filed this form with the Commission," the complaint written by Pima County Democratic Party Chair Jo Holt says.

The executive director for the Arizona Democratic Party, Herschel Fink, says it is latest example of McSally’s campaign ignoring FEC rules.” […]

“Fred Solop, a political science professor at Northern Arizona University and well-known pollster, said it will be interesting to see how the FEC responds.

On one hand, a statewide poll designed to measure name recognition and popularity among likely Republican voters demonstrates a high degree of political sophistication and planning."