McCain’s disturbing silence on Trump’s latest indiscretions

Trump once again proves he is not fit to lead the country

John McCain continues to support Donald Trump, despite the latest onslaught of sexist attacks the nominee continues to wage. McCain has endorsed Trump over 60 times in spite of Trump’s disgusting behavior including  mocking a reporter with a disability, acknowledging in a sworn statement that his “rapists” comments towards Mexican immigrants was premeditated, and most recently attacking Alicia Machado for her weight.

Trump defended calling Machado “miss piggy,” claiming that Machado’s weight gain was “a real problem” and even used racially charged nicknames, calling her “miss housekeeping.” Meanwhile, McCain has said nothing about the attacks Trump has leveled against Machado and other women.

Perhaps McCain is still relishing the era when “ethnic jokes” were allowable in public service.

“It's gut-wrenching to see John McCain stay silent while Americans everywhere are lambasting Donald Trump for his persistent attacks on women,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “McCain has proven the Maverick is gone, replaced with a loyal Trump supporter willing to ignore how bad their shared policies are for Arizona's women, Latinos and families. Arizonans expect their leaders to hold sexist bigots like Trump accountable for their words and actions. McCain has been in Washington so long that he's more interested in what's politically convenient, not taking the microphone away from someone who doesn't deserve it. Ann Kirkpatrick is the the new, principled leader we need to fight our Arizona values.”