McCain’s flip-flops take on a new meaning

Old McCain swag reminds Arizonans that when election season comes around McCain changes his positions on immigration reform, the Supreme Court, campaign finance, and other important issues

PHOENIX – Cindy McCain just did Arizonans a big favor. By posting a picture of old John McCain flip-flops, she helped remind voters here about how McCain has changed after three decades in Washington into someone who will abandon his principles to save his political career.

John McCain Flip-Flops


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Photo credit: Cindy McCain via Instagram


McCain’s flip-flopping history

Immigration reform and the DREAM Act

  • McCain once co-sponsored the DREAM Act, but voted against the bill in 2010 and has worked to block DREAMers from serving in the military.

  • McCain has refused to support comprehensive immigration reform because it’s an election year.

Campaign Finance

  • McCain used to champion campaign finance reform and said the Citizens United decision would lead to “legalized bribery.”

  • McCain now has Super PAC and dark-money groups dedicated to saving his career, spending millions of dollars propping him up this cycle.

Supreme Court Nominees

  • In 2005, McCain said “I strongly believe that the President’s nominees deserve an up-or-down vote.”

  • In 2016, McCain has refused to vote or even meet with the Supreme Court nominee for more than 150 days.

“Flip-flops have to be the footwear of choice at the McCain campaign because he’s changed so much after 33 years in Washington,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Enrique Gutierrez. “Arizonans are tired of McCain’s politically calculated flip-flopping ways. He’ll say anything to anyone to get re-elected and that’s why they’re ready to elect new, principled leadership like Ann Kirkpatrick to the U.S. Senate this November.”