McCain Campaigns With Taxpayer Resources

McCain puts your tax dollars to work -- to save his political career

McCain uses Senate office to promote his campaign messaging

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In a desperate backpedal from John McCain’s over 60 endorsements of Donald Trump, McCain used his Senate office -- funded by American taxpayers -- to protect his political career.

After refusing to stand up to Trump following numerous insults against Gold Star families, Latinos, veterans, women, and many more, McCain retracted support for Trump only after the Republican National Committee said it was ok. In a completely inappropriate use of his Senate office, McCain used his taxpayer-funded  resources to amplify his desperate attempt to distance himself from Trump.

“John McCain is so desperate to jump the GOP’s sinking ship and save himself that he has abandoned Senate ethics that dictate clear guidelines for use of official resources,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “McCain should not be politicking using taxpayer-funds, but he’s willing to abandon any principle to stop the political fallout of Trump support. McCain has not only abandoned his moral compass in supporting Trump for as long as he did, but the career politician is now ditching ethics in attempts to stay in Washington.”