McCain can’t keep hiding his real record from the Latino community

Arizonans are fed up with McCain’s games, including portraying his positions on key issues like immigration differently depending on the audience

PHOENIX — In the wake of the Washington Post’s exposé on how John McCain attempted to deceive voters by portraying his positions on immigration and other issues differently on his English- and Spanish-language websites, Arizonans deserve to know McCain’s real record.

  • In 2010, McCain opened the door to Donald Trump’s hateful, divisive rhetoric by running his infamous “complete the danged” fence ad -- an action he clearly tried to hide from the Latino community when he attempted to have a Spanish-subtitled version erased from YouTube. (He even appeared alongside scandal-ridden candidate Paul Babeu in the ad.)

  • McCain told Fox News that he supported Arizona’s notorious anti-immigrant law SB1070 -- which was later found to be largely unconstitutional -- because the state was being “flooded, not only with illegal immigrants, but with drug cartels.”

  • When the DREAM Act came up for a vote, McCain voted against it, proving he’s only willing to give lip service to immigration issues when it’s politically convenient.

  • McCain declared he would work “best” with Donald Trump on immigration issues.

Given how often he says one thing, but does another or changes his rhetoric depending on his audience, it’s no wonder a recent Latino Decisions poll found 61 percent of Arizona Latinos “don’t know” where McCain stands on Immigration -- while Ann Kirkpatrick, who has never wavered in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, led McCain among Latinos by 22 points.

“John McCain believes he can get away with telling Arizona Latinos one thing and his Republican base something else in one of the clearest, most cynical examples of politics of convenience at its worst,” said Enrique Gutierrez, Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director. “McCain has been trying to hide his real record for years but Arizonans will not be fooled. It’s clear McCain has changed and Arizona deserves better.”