McCain can’t run from his Trump support

As Trump delivered his “major speech” on immigration, McCain endorsed candidate for 61st time


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PHOENIX – As Donald Trump delivered his “major speech” on immigration in Phoenix to push his ignorant and unrealistic agenda, John McCain is refusing to stand up to the Republican nominee, but has offered his 61st endorsement of the candidate -- all in hopes of saving his political career.

Even though he has declared there’s “no reason” to stop supporting Trump, this week McCain cut off questions about his unwavering support for Trump during a national media interview.

“It’s too late for John McCain to try to dodge appearances or duck questions about Donald Trump. Arizonans know McCain continues to cling to the Republican nominee because he’s desperately attempting to save his political career rather than stand up for working families,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Direct Enrique Gutierrez. “McCain no longer offers the ‘straight talk’ Arizonans deserve, and it’s time our state had new, principled leadership in the U.S. Senate.”