McCain chides top-of-ticket behind DC closed doors, far away from Arizona Trump voters

McCain continues to try to double-talk behind DC doors

The New York Times reported yesterday that Senator John McCain offered a “firm rebuke” of Donald Trump’s soft stance on Russia – delivered not in public to Trump himself, but to running mate Mike Pence in a private conversation during his visit to Capitol Hill. It’s notable that while in Arizona, McCain has repeated his endorsement of the GOP nominee – a pledge he’s made no less than 60 times – but when behind closed doors in Washington, he has a different message for the top of the Republican ticket.

“We’ve read this story before – Senator McCain says one thing to one group of people and another thing to a different group, and the only consistency is he’s putting his own political interests first,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez.  “While Arizonans used to count on their senator for ‘straight talk,’ McCain now says one thing behind closed doors when he thinks Arizonans can’t hear, and another to the voters he’s elected to represent. Arizona voters want a leader like Ann Kirkpatrick, who will always stand up for them.”

Last week, the Washington Post broke an eyebrow-raising story that McCain’s reelection website conveyed one version of his record in English and another version of his record in Spanish.