McCain officially invited to Donald Trump rally

Arizona Democratic Party personally delivered McCain an invite to Donald Trump rally, complete with birthday cake celebrating McCain’s 60th endorsement of Republican nominee




PHOENIX – The Arizona Democratic Party officially invited John McCain to finally appear with his choice for president, Donald Trump, at the Republican nominee’s “major speech” on immigration in Phoenix this week.

The party delivered the invitation in person at McCain’s campaign office, also dropping off a cake to celebrate McCain’s 60th endorsement of Trump -- despite the nominee’s attacks on a Gold Star family, women, immigrants, and even on McCain’s service to our nation.

“John McCain has made it clear Trump can propose any outrageous immigration plan or insult any American, and he will still cling to the nominee,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “And since McCain sees ‘no reason’ to stop supporting Donald Trump -- someone McCain has endorsed 60 times -- he should step forward and appear with the Republican nominee tomorrow in Phoenix.”