McConnell Rats Out McSally and Her AZSen “Secret”

ICYMI: McSally’s AZSen silence appears to have violated campaign finance laws

PHOENIX – Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment in Washington once again ratted out Martha McSally’s “secret” U.S. Senate campaign to the media as Arizonans continue to be left in the dark. In an interview with Washington media, McConnell was quick to tout McSally as one of his “top recruits.” But McSally has never officially announced her campaign to Arizonans.

Further, while McSally’s silence may have violated campaign finance laws, according to the Tucson Sentinel, McSally's reported violation adds to her lengthy list of alleged violations of campaign finance laws – dating all the way back to 2012.

“Mitch McConnell ratted out Congresswoman McSally’s worst kept secret in Arizona, and in turn, further exposed her deals with GOP establishment and negligence to Arizonans,” said Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor. “Martha McSally has proven she would always put politics – like voting for a tax hike on Arizonans – ahead of the state. McSally is exactly why Arizonans are fed up with Washington.”

McSally’s numerous stumbles follow what has been called “the slowest campaign rollouts in history” with some even questioning whether or not she is ready for prime time.” Not only has McSally paid her Washington pollsters and regurgitated establishment talking points on national cable networks, but her repeated attempts to dodge Arizona media has been panned across Arizona.

Martha McSally’s sloppiness further exposes her vulnerability as a politician. Facing low approval numbers within her district, McSally has chosen to flee a potential reelection defeat for the U.S. Senate. However, her pursuit to appeal to a GOP base has fallen flat, with conservative groups opposing McSally from the beginning.