McSally Abandons Constituents

Yesterday, Martha McSally abandoned 800 of her constituents.

By failing to show up, Martha McSally demonstrated she has no backbone to face her constituents demanding answers.

With the U.S. House in recess, Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District constituents waited patiently for their Member of Congress to answer why she voted to take away health care from 24 million Americans, end pre-existing conditions coverage, and leave them to fend for themselves.

Luckily Congressman Ruben Gallego was ready to #AdoptADistrict of a Republican Member unwilling to face her constituents.

Excerpts from Congressman Ruben Gallego’s message to Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District constituents below:

“I apologize that I am here, I should not be here.

“There is nothing more that I would love to do to tell you that you have a Member of Congress that’s answering your questions, that took the time to read a bill that reorganizes ⅙ of the economy,  that potentially knocks off 24 million people off health insurance, potentially exposes people to pre-existing conditions we have not seen since before the Affordable Care Act, I wish Martha McSally was here to answer your questions about why she was so anxious, and anxious to vote for this, to get this bleeping thing done.

“But she’s not here.”

“Let’s ask this question, was this an accident? No. Why did she do it? Because she does have shame. She is shameful of what the outcome is going to be. She is shameful what the CBO is going to say, and she wanted to pass this before the truth came out. The Republicans wanted to pass this before the truth came out. And why? To satisfy the ego of President Donald Trump. Not to take care of you, not to take care of your health insurance, not to take care of your well being, but to take care of the well being of Donald Trump.

“Everything I’m saying Martha is welcome to refute, in her town hall or in this one.

“But it’s hard to hold a town hall when you’re ashamed of a bill that you helped pass by one vote.”

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