McSally needs to explain votes against border security

Before taking over as chair of a House subcommittee on border security, Martha McSally needs to explain her votes against keeping our country safe, says Democratic Party spokesperson Barbara Lubin.


Lubin was commenting on last week’s appointment of McSally to chair the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee on the Committee on Homeland Security by House Speaker Paul Ryan.


“In her first year in office, Martha McSally has voted time and time again to make it easier for terrorists to target Americans,” said Lubin. “It’s unconscionable that someone with such a poor legislative record on protecting America should be put in a position of responsibility over security issues.”


First, McSally needs to explain her votes against funding the U.S. Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security, according to Lubin. A year ago she voted seven times to leave DHS in crisis and unfunded for an extended period time in a misguided effort to shut down the government. (See votes below.)


“And just this past December she voted to block consideration of legislation that would prevent people on the Terrorist Watchlist from purchasing firearms,” Lubin said. [H Res 539, Vote #646, [12/01/15]]


This is a continuation of her opposition to closing gun loopholes in even the most extreme cases. Last fall on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” McSally refused to say the terrorist background check loophole should be closed. [WABC, 11/23/15]


“If McSally is to take this position seriously, her first action should be ensure stable funding for the Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security, then pass a bill preventing suspected terrorists from having easy access to guns,” said Lubin. “Given her track record, though, that doesn’t seem likely.” 


Citation: McSally voted with other Tea Party Republicans to hold the government hostage as she blocked consideration or voted against clean funding bills for Department of Homeland Security funding bills seven times last February leaving DHS in crisis and unfunded for an extended period of time. [HR 240, Vote #34, 1/14/15], [H.RES.100, Vote #71, 2/11/15; Democratic Leadership Summary, 2/11/15], [H Res 101, Vote #77, 2/12/15], [H Res 121, Vote #86, 2/25/15], [H Res 129, Vote #100, 2/27/15; Democratic Leader, 2/27/15], [HR 240, Vote #102, 2/27/15; Washington Post, 2/28/15] Including a 3 week compromise bill negotiated with John Boehner negotiated with the tea party caucus in a humiliating defeat that ultimately brought about the moderate speaker's resignation as leader. [H J Res 35, Vote #104, 2/27/15; Washington Post, 2/28/15], [Washington Post, 2/28/15], [New York Times, 2/28/15]