Message from the ADP Chair


Over a month ago, I put my home on the market in Tempe in order to relocate to Phoenix. Fortunately, my house is set to close with a new owner as soon as Monday. However, in accordance with state law, because I’ll be moving out of my current legislative district, I’ll also be vacating my current seat as a precinct committee person and state committee member in Legislative District 26. As a result, per our party’s bylaws, I will no longer retain the eligibility requirements necessary to remain State Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.

Therefore, effective Saturday, October 14, 2017, our immediate past chairman and current 1st Vice Chair, Bill Roe, will become acting chair of the Arizona Democratic Party until a special election is called to fill the vacancy. That election will be slated to take place at the next meeting of the State Committee.

During the interim, the ADP will remain in great and familiar hands with Bill, along with ADP Senior Vice Chair Holly Lyon and longtime Treasurer Rick McGuire. The daily management of the ADP will continue to be led by our Executive Director, Herschel Fink, and the very capable, seasoned and hardworking staff at party headquarters. I’m confident that they will not miss a beat, deadline or important program directive they’ve been tasked or will be tasked to oversee and implement.

On a personal note, serving as the first woman and first Latino ever elected (and re-elected) State Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party has been an incredible honor. Your faith in me and our shared goals has been incredibly humbling and appreciated. And it is my hope that our party will continue to elevate women and people of color into leadership roles into the foreseeable future.

Two and ½ years ago, I promised that I would build a leaner, meaner Arizona Democratic Party. I promised to build our party’s infrastructure, expand our field and GOTV efforts, and make our party less dependent on big money by creating a small-dollar, grassroots fundraising program.

We’ve done all of that, and as a result our organization is on stronger financial and structural ground than it has been in years.

On January 26, 2015, my first day on the job, we only had $16,672 in the bank – which was about $4,000 short of what was needed to process payroll 3 days later (but we made payroll, btw). Today, my last day on the job, I’ll leave the ADP with close to $350,000 in the bank, to continue what we started, and to improve and aid our upcoming campaign efforts.

Just last week, I announced our “Fifteen Counties, One Party” strategy with a $50,000 investment into our county parties – a mobilization plan, I pledged early this year to develop and fund, to drive more of resources into local efforts to engage more voters earlier and reinvest in areas that Democrats too often ignore. This, too, is fully funded – and just the beginning of the state party’s 15-county commitment.

I’m also proud to say that, nationally, the Arizona Democratic Party is regarded as one of the best run state party organizations across the country and we’ve set ourselves on a course to be a legit battleground state for years to come!  Obviously, this wasn’t done alone or overnight. It's been a multi-year, multi-cycle process.

Thanks in part to our collective efforts – with the work of each and every one of our activists, county parties, candidates and allied and progressive organizations – we all have moved Arizona into the one of the fastest growing states for Democrats across the country! This is something we all have had a hand in and should be proud of!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention having a great and committed executive team over the last 2 years, 8 months and 19 days (not that I was counting…) to help set the ADP on a new course for change. Specifically, Bill Roe, Holly Lyon, Rick McGuire, Anne Greenberg, Doug Ballard, Janie Hydrick, Luis Heredia and the indefatigable Carolyn Warner – all who I’ve had the pleasure of serving with that entire time - will continue to steer us towards statewide success. I also want to pay special recognition to the recent contributions of Jevin Hodge (Maricopa), Joseline Mata (Pima) and Dante Mitchell (Yuma)… three of our youngest, most engaged and enthusiastic board members who have stepped up in unbelievable ways to ensure our party is ready, responsive and relevant to a new and eager generation of progressive activists all across our state!

Lastly, our rebuild would not have been possible without the hard working team at the Arizona Democratic Party headquarters. The staff doesn’t always get the recognition they deserve, but they’re a remarkable and resilient bunch whose daily function and purpose is to serve others while helping navigate ever changing political waters to elect more Arizona Democrats to office. As a volunteer chair, with a fulltime job, I counted on them daily, in a variety of ways, and I’ll forever be in their debt.

Being State Chair has come with its share of challenges – being a leader in any organization surely does. However, I chose to step up to do this job because I love our party – and nothing will ever deter me from fighting for what we believe in.

That being said, I look forward to passing the baton and providing a great deal of support to our new chair when that person is elected. While I won’t be moving too far away from Tempe, I also look forward to becoming involved in my new city, new neighborhood, and continuing to contribute in ways that will help turn Arizona blue!

Thanks again for your support, activism and continued commitment to the Arizona Democratic Party – together, we’ll continue to move Arizona forward!


Alexis Tameron, State Chair

Arizona Democratic Party