NEW POLL: Arizona Latinos less likely to support McCain due to Trump

McCain has endorsed Trump over 60 times, refused to stand up to him on racist statements, and said he’d work “best” with Trump on immigration

As John McCain clings to Donald Trump to save his 33-year political career, a new poll by Latino Decisions suggests that an overwhelming majority of Arizona Latinos won’t vote for McCain due to his continued support for Trump.

McCain dug this political hole by refusing to say Trump should take back his comments on Mexicans being “rapists” and criminals. In late June, La Voz’s Spanish-language op-ed titled “Lo que John McCain no quiere que sepas” (“What John McCain doesn’t want you to know”) exposed McCain as a “two-faced politician”because of his attempts to keep Spanish speaking audiences in the dark about how McCain has been using Trump-like rhetoric for years. And just last week, voters heard McCain say he would work “best” with Donald Trump on immigration.

Earlier this year, McCain wrote off Latino Arizonans saying he didn’t need their support to win with Trump on the ticket. But now it appears McCain saw the writing on the wall -- or on the internet: McCain’s campaign was caught hiding key portions of his stance on immigration to Latinos this week using different messages on immigration, jobs, and other issues on his Spanish-language website. McCain’s continued support for Trump has Arizona missing the days McCain that would do the right thing regardless of party. John McCain has been in Washington too long and it’s time for new leadership.

“Donald Trump continues to disrespect our Latino community and McCain has refused to do the right thing and denounce his racist rhetoric,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “This goes to show that after 33 years in Washington, McCain is out of touch with Arizonans and Latinos are ready for new, principled leadership in the U.S. Senate from Ann Kirkpatrick, who has never wavered in her support for improved public education, better paying and more Arizona jobs, and comprehensive immigration reform.”