One last sane appeal to Senator Jeff Flake: Vote for our kids, not DeVos

Senator Jeff Flake, one of the Senate’s most vulnerable in 2018, decided on Wednesday to forgo the requests from thousands of his constituents to oppose Betsy DeVos, and decided to give the GOP mega-donor his vote.

His Twitter post aside, Flake has an opportunity to do whats right for our kids, and listen to what his constituents are telling him to do.

The constituent argument is simple - Betsy DeVos is unqualified to be Secretary of Education.

She has no experience in public education. Period. DeVos never worked in, attended, or sent her children to a public school, nor does she hold a degree in education.

Her only related experience is advocating, and financially backing failed policies that have destroyed public schools (e.g. Michigan).

Her lack of commitment to public education was telling during her confirmation hearing, when she couldn’t rule out defunding public schools.

 How can Arizonans trust Betsy DeVos is looking out for their kids? 

Arizona ranks near the bottom in education primarily due to failed “school choice” schemes that have syphoned taxpayer money away from public schools. These policies, on a national scale, will only hurt our children, and it will allow for more taxpayer money to be misspent.

“We don’t need a novice running the Department of Education,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “The truth is Betsy DeVos would never be considered for the post if it wasn’t for the fact that she and her family have donated over $200M to Republicans and right-wing causes. Jeff Flake must vote responsibly and put our children's futures ahead of the interest of GOP mega-donors.”