Out of touch: McCain votes to block cancer research funds from defense bill

McCain joined the far right in opposing efforts by the Department of Defense to research treatments and major diseases


In just the latest example of how out of touch John McCain has become after 33 years in Washington, this week he voted against legislation that would have funded medical research efforts by the Department of Defense. Thankfully, McCain was part of a small minority as the legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support – a stinging defeat for the chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

For more than 20 years, DoD has worked to research and develop treatments for a number of severe diseases and conditions that afflict service members, their families, and veterans – including traumatic brain injuries, breast cancer, and Gulf War syndrome.

“It’s appalling that John McCain would fight any effort to help develop the treatments and possibly even cures that our troops and veterans need,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Enrique Gutierrez. “Arizonans want a senator who will stand with them on important issues, not turn their back on them in hopes of surviving a primary.”



McCain Voted To Prohibit Funding Of Certain Medical Research By The Defense Department. In June 2016, McCain voted against a: “Durbin, D-Ill., amendment that would void the prohibition on funding of certain medical research by the Department of Defense.” The amendment was adopted by a 66-32 vote. [CQ, 6/7/16; S.Amdt. 4369 to S. 2943, Vote 90, 6/7/16]