Pay Raise Scandal Exposes Ducey for the Hypocrite He Truly Is

Herschel Fink, Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party, released the following statement regarding Governor Doug Ducey's choice to provide his appointed political staffers pay raises while cutting budgets for the state government -- a direct hypocrisy to his "small government" message as Arizona Governor. 

"Governor Ducey tried to pull a fast one on Arizonans, and while he rightfully got caught, this maneuver exposed the true hypocrisy of the governor and his entire career as a public official. Through glitzy posts on social media and poll-tested branding, Ducey has preached for small government and cut programs Arizonans rely on each day while also inflating the salaries of those around him.  The move is downright criminal, and should be a signal to Arizonans that he doesn't believe they deserve the same respect as his party insiders. Arizonans deserve better than this fraud."