Profile in Courage: Gosar opts out of in-person constituent meeting

You can’t make this stuff up.

In late January, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar puts together an in-person town hall meeting, and invites Virginia Rep. Dave Brat along for the ride.

Rep. David Brat, of Eric Cantor notoriety, is the same Congressman who for weeks was avoiding holding town halls in his district, running away from his constituents saying, “The women are in my grill no matter where I go.”

But before yesterday, the in-person meeting was moving forward.

Yesterday, Rep. Gosar puts out a statement with an announcement of a  “VENUE CHANGE” and this explanation:

“Due to the overwhelming level of interest shown for this event, and to allow for as many constituents as possible to participate, the “Conversation with Congressman Brat” in Gold Canyon, Arizona, will now be held as a Tele-town hall.”

Tele-town hall??? Really???

“We call malarkey to Rep. Gosar’s assessment. When you have an overwhelming demand, you get a bigger venue, not retreat to the confines of your telephone,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “This is the disconnect with House Republicans, when they’re committed to taking away health care from thousands of Arizonans, they don’t even have the courage to face them in person.”