Reagan’s Elections Director Hates AZ Dem Party Emails, Loves Dark $$$

Reagan’s Elections Director Eric Spencer is determined to allow more Dark Money to corrupt Arizona’s political process all in the name of good ol’ party politics.

Spencer, the author of the controversial SB 1516 pushed by Republican Senator Adam Driggs’ (Phoenix-LD28), doesn’t appreciate AZ Democratic Party’s emails, so much so that he refused to share a critical amendment with Senate Democrats.

The over-reaching 11-page amendment is critical to opening Arizona’s back-door to more Dark Money.

Spencer, in his defense, told the media one thing (in an email)...

“The Secretary of State’s Office “bent over backwards to be inclusive,” and met with three Democratic senators to discuss SB1516.” [Arizona Capitol Times,3/8]

But in an email to Democratic Senate staffers before the SB 1516 vote, he was not having it...

"(Y)ou’ll have to take that up with the Senate," Spencer wrote. "Unfortunately, the partisan attacks this weekend have foreclosed any concessions I’m able to offer at this point." [Arizona Republic,3/8]

This is the Elections Director, folks.

“Our election process should always be transparent,” said Arizona Democratic Party’s Executive Director Sheila Healy. “Our public officials’ duty should always be in the best interest of the people of Arizona - and not for special interest groups that are in the business of buying elections.”