A resolution is an official position of the Arizona Democratic Party adopted by our State Committee members at a regular meeting. Resolutions are adopted to make clear the Arizona Democratic Party stance on issues, recognize specific accomplishments or contributions by individuals or groups, or note significant events.

Submit a Resolution:

  1. Proposed Resolutions are due at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which they will be considered.*
  2. Any State Committee Member can submit a resolution and is encouraged to use this template.
    • Resolutions should include the draft language and appropriate footnote citations to reference statistics and findings of fact.
  3. Proposed resolutions must be received by the ADP Secretary Anne Greenberg at
  4. The Resolutions Committee may work with the author prior to the State Committee meeting on formatting and language as needed.
    • Any changes to proposed resolutions should be completed 7 days prior to the State Committee meeting for printing (unless the event or circumstances precipitating the resolution occurs within the week before the meeting).*
  5. The Resolutions Committee will meet on the day of the State Committee meeting to complete its report for the State Committee. The report will include the committee recommendation to approve, reject, or amend proposed resolutions. Anyone may attend the committee meeting, and any author of a proposed resolution is encouraged to do so.

* Should a significant event or circumstance occur after the submission deadline, a resolution regarding such event may still be considered (Article VIII, Section 11).