Senator McCain: Ducey says TrumpCare’s effect on AZ would be “disturbing,” “draconian”

Less than 24 hours before Speaker Ryan and House Republicans vote to take away health coverage from thousands of hard-working Arizonans, Senator John McCain shared Governor Ducey’s thoughts on Trump/Ryan’s heartless bill.

“I think that the biggest issue here is, and there are many, but one of them is what about those states like mine that adopted Medicaid expansion? And the effect that I'm hearing from my Governor is very disturbing and in some ways draconian.”

What John McCain is referring to is the gigantic impact on Arizona:

  • 413,000 Arizonans who received health insurance through Brewer’s Medicaid expansion will lose their health coverage.

  • Arizona uninsured rate will once again surpass 16%

  • Arizonans 60 and older will lose up to $6,720 in tax credits, a 69% tax increase.

  • 33,900 Arizonans will lose their jobs, 10,500 of which are in the health care sector.

But even after all this, you have Republicans like Martha McSally willing to take away Arizonans health care, while giving fat cats a nice tax break.

Watch the full interview here.