State Committee adopts five resolutions at September meeting

Resolutions supporting earned sick and safe days, Kidscare, ERA, Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument and quality education

The Arizona Democratic Party State Committee passed the following resolutions at its September 12, 2015 meeting:

Resolution Supporting Reinstatement of Children’s Health Insurance Program (KIDSCARE) in Arizona

Whereas, CHIP, or Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as KidsCare in Arizona, was begun in 1997 as a bipartisan effort to increase children’s access to health care for those children whose families earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but who, nevertheless, make too little to afford health insurance, and nationally, CHIP covers more than 8 million children, and as of early 2013, covered over 80,000 children in Arizona at a very low cost to the state due to a 3:1 federal match, and

Whereas, we know from many studies that when children have a third-party payment source, they can access primary health care services and they perform better in school; and

Whereas, KidsCare has not been funded since 2013 in Arizona, so that currently there are only 1800 children in the program with many thousands on the waiting list and Arizona is the only state in the country to have cut CHIP;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Arizona Democratic Party supports the reinstatement of KidsCare in Arizona, and that Arizona legislators and the Governor be advised, by letter, of this resolution.

Submitted by: Dr. Eve Shapiro


Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument

Whereas, the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock area of Northern Arizona is a world-class destination for millions of visitors annually; and

Whereas, the irreplaceable scenic beauty, unique natural environment, and richness in antiquities and historic cultural artifacts of this area must be preserved for future generations; and

Whereas land trades by the Forest Service might permit development and activities deleterious to the scenic beauty, antiquities, and natural environment of the area; and

Whereas, the Coconino National Forest does not have the resources necessary to protectively manage the area; and

Whereas, National Monument designation for the area would prohibit land trades within the 160,000 plus acres of the proposed Monument but would not affect private, State, or municipal lands; and

Whereas National Monument designation for the area is likely to provide federal priority funding status and improved opportunity for obtaining grants from government and philanthropic organizations so as to enable protective management;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Arizona State Democratic Party supports the establishment of the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument.

Submitted by: Paul Schwartz


Resolution Supporting the Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Whereas, The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)—a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing women’s equality under US law—was introduced into the US Congress in 1923 and sent to the states for ratification in 1972. After 92 years in process, the ERA is still three votes shy of ratification, and Arizona is one of the states that has not ratified it yet,

Whereas, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia confirmed that women are not currently a protected class under the U.S. Constitution and that the 14th Amendment does not protect against sex discrimination,

Whereas, Women are subject to widespread wage discrimination, with women earning 77 cents for every dollar paid to men overall, and with Latinas making 55 cents for every dollar earned by non-Hispanic white men and African American women earning 64 cents for every dollar earned by non-Hispanic white men. As a result, approximately 18 million American women—most of them single mothers—live in poverty with their dependent children,

Whereas, At the current pace, women will not gain wage parity until 2058, which means that most women working today will not see pay equity in their lifetimes. Economists suggest that closing the gender wage gap would create an economic stimulus for the US,

Whereas, The Arizona Legislature has passed oppressive laws that discriminate against women by denying or inhibiting provision of legal medical services; eliminating funding for women’s health services; prohibiting women from purchasing their own insurance if it pays for abortions; allowing employers to deny insurance coverage for contraception, abortion, and other women’s health services; or otherwise hurting women and children,

Therefore be it resolved, that the Arizona Democratic Party request, in writing, of all Arizona Democratic Party state legislators that they assure a bill ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment be introduced in the Arizona Legislature each year until the ERA or until such a bill passes the state legislature.


A Resolution In Support Of Earned Sick and Safe Days in Arizona

Whereas, earned sick and safe days ensure that all workers in Arizona can address their own health and safety needs and the health and safety needs of their families by requiring employers to provide a minimum amount of earned sick and safe days, including days for the care of family members, and

Whereas, earned sick and safe days promote the economic stability of workers and their families, and

Whereas, earned sick and safe days protect employees from losing their jobs or facing workplace discipline while they use earned days to care for themselves or their families, and

Whereas, earned sick and safe days assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking by providing them and their family members with job‐protected days away from work to receive treatment and to take the necessary steps to ensure their protection, and

Whereas, earned sick and safe days benefit businesses by reducing employee turnover due to the lack of earned days and decreasing “presenteeism” (workers coming to work with illness and health conditions that reduce their productivity), and    

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Arizona Democratic Party supports earned sick and safe days to safeguard the public welfare, health, safety, and prosperity of the people of Arizona,

Be it further resolved, that the Arizona Democratic Party applauds the effort and commitment of Arizona employers who already and/or currently offer earned sick and paid leave to their workers,     

Be it further resolved, that the Arizona Democratic Party hereby supports and encourages legislation, ballot initiatives, and ordinance efforts requiring the establishment of earned sick and safe days for Arizona workers across Arizona.

Submitted by the following members of the AZ Democratic Party Executive Board:

Alexis Tameron, Chair  

Bill Roe, 1st Vice Chair

Hollace Lyons, Senior Vice Chair

Emily Verdugo, Vice‐Chairwoman

Kristie O’Brien, Vice‐Chairwoman

Jordan Hibbs, Vice‐Chairwoman Doug Ballard, Vice‐Chairman

Aaron Marquez, Vice‐Chairman

Rick McGuire, Treasurer

Anne Greenberg, Secretary

Janie Hydrick, Educational Coordinator

Adrian Fontes, Affirmative Action Moderator

Carolyn Warner, DNC Committeewoman

Cheryl Cage, Chair of the County Chairs


Quality Education Resolution

Whereas, we support a quality education for every child in Arizona; and

Whereas, such educational excellence in our community public schools requires adequate, equitable, and stable funding to meet the needs of, and educationally challenge each and every student; and

Whereas, the Arizona Constitution stipulates the State Legislature shall enact such laws as shall provide for the establishment and maintenance of a general and uniform public school system, including Kindergarten, Common, High, Normal, Industrial schools and Universities; and

Whereas, we believe that any private, for-profit, or non-profit entity, business, or agency that receives public education monies through voucher plans, tax credits, student tuition organizations, or other financial arrangements, must be subject to full accountability and disclosure through measures and regulations as required for public district schools; and

Whereas, the people of Arizona enacted Proposition 301 in 2000 which requires the State Legislature to annually increase public school funding for inflation; and the State Legislature flagrantly ignored the will of the people and even decreased funding for public schools between 2008 and 2014, as noted in judgment by the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona in 2014, and the Legislature continues to withhold those funds due public schools;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Democrats of the State of Arizona call upon the Governor and Legislature of the State of Arizona to: Ensure full transparency and accountability by all educational entities receiving taxpayer monies; and to comply with the letter and intent of Proposition 301, and court judgments by immediately restoring all required public school funds, past and future.