Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron on the passing of Rose Mofford

“The passing of our beloved Rose is truly heartbreaking.  A remarkable individual, Governor Rose Mofford not only blazed a trail for women, but for civility and effective leadership when our state needed it the most.

"Rose’s story is a story of many firsts.  Born and raised in the mining town of Globe, Arizona, the youngest of six children of immigrant parents, she excelled in the classroom as well as on the field.  In addition to graduating first in her class, she was an All-American softball player and was the first female class president in the history of Globe High School (Go Tigers!).

"Upon graduating high school, Governor Mofford began her career as a secretary to State Treasurer Joe Hunt. A dedicated public servant, she rose through the ranks of state government to become Arizona’s first female Secretary of State and Arizona’s first female Governor.

"During a time of great tumult for our state, her stability and grace under fire was welcomed and revered by Arizonans of all political stripes. Her invaluable service to our state remains unmatched and could only be outdone by her charitable works, penchant for personal notes and phone calls, and of course, her infamous hairdo.

"I attribute my success in life to my roots, religion & my Rolodex," Governor Mofford once said.

"Simply put, Governor Rose Mofford embodied the spirit of Arizona. She was an All-American, Democratic female pioneer from a mining town who never forgot where she came from.  Having been born and raised in the neighboring mining town of Superior, Rose was one of my earliest of role models.  Her life, drive and humility – and great sense of humor – all serve as an example of what many of us aspire to achieve in life. She was loved incredibly and will be incredibly missed.”